Ruth Oria was born in Israel, lived in the USA and Singapore and settled in the Netherlands.

She studied photography in Singapore and is an associate of the Photographic Society of Singapore.

During her extensive travels through South-East Asia Ruth realized that travel photography in general, and portrait photography in particular, are her preferred modes of expression.

“When I first arrived to Singapore I was struck how colourful it was. Then when I started travelling through South-East Asia I was fascinated by the cultural richness and diversity of various ethnic groups. It was as if I was watching a human kaleidoscope.

Through my lens I tried to express my admiration and love for those people, which became  my Asian Passion.”

Ruth works predominantly with a manual Nikon F-3 camera. In the last few years a digital camera has been added. For Ruth the digital camera is just a different way for catching the light. In her view the combination of technique and a grain of luck is what makes photography so exciting. Threfore she barely manipulates her photos on the computer.

Her work has attracted the attention of the media, private collectors as well as architects in Berlin and Amsterdam.


“Your photos are lovely” - Mindy Katzman, photo editor, Asia Business Weekly Magazine, New York.


Professional accreditations:

LPSS (licenseship Photographic Society of Singapore);
APSS (Associate Photographic Society of Singapore).